Never too late…

Congratulations to Yona, who proved today that it’s never too late to demand freedom.

Twenty-seven years have passed since Yona’s husband abandoned her and their children.  At the time, Yona attended just one court session before deciding that she wanted to concentrate all her energies on raising and supporting her children rather than in a lengthy battle for her gett.   But, after many years of unrest, Yona eventually realized that she did want – that she deserved! – her gett.

A few months ago she turned to the Monica Dennis Goldberg Yad L’isha Legal Aid Center and resubmitted her divorce suit. Yad L’isha hired a PI to locate Yona’s husband and obtained a warrant to bring him to court.  And today, thanks to Yad L’isha advocate Tamar Oderberg, Yona received her gett in the Netanya rabbinical court. 

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