A unique, new Beit Midrash was launched last night by Ori Weill, the Yachad Jewish Cultural Facilitator working in North Tel Aviv’s community centers.

Chai Beit Midrash

The Beit Midrash is of Jewish-Israeli identity, and is comprised of three components, each of which affects the other:

Every two weeks, a “Community Evening” is held, the subject to be determined by the group, ranging from discussing an upcoming Jewish holiday to lectures from interesting personalities.
Every alternate two weeks, the group meets for textual study which emphasizes community. The group is pluralistic in nature – everyone is welcome – and aimed at personal and communal development.
The core Beit Midrash group will utilize the sources they learn and the subjects they study to develop projects through which a cohesive Jewish community can be built. Emphasis will be placed upon neighborhood-community volunteering, gardening, events, and the like.


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