A Thousand Words – May 16, 2024

The distance between Israel and the diaspora can make it challenging to deliver the messages and emotions of Yom Hazikaron. However, the nearly 300 shlichim from OTS’s Straus-Amiel and Beren-Amiel Institute succeeded in conveying to Jews all across the globe

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OTS Shlichim: Forming Strong Bonds Through Resilience and Shared Commitment

OTS Shlichim: Global Bonds Strengthened by Shared Commitment Amidst Crisis Seventeen OTS emissary families navigate emergency IDF reserve service, inspiring unbreakable ties with their communities worldwide https://leverageit.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/ots/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/06110850/OTS-shlichim-reunite-with-diaspora-communities.mp4 “On October 7, we started hearing about what was happening in Israel,” relates

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A Thousand Words – January 8, 2024

During these difficult days, as we shed so many tears of pain and sorrow, students and rabbis from OTS’s Straus-Amiel Emissary Institute and adjacent Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva had an opportunity to be moved to tears by happiness

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Pidyon HaBen on the Front Lines

Pidyon HaBen on the Front Lines He managed to make it to the birth and to the brit of his firstborn son, but the Pidyon HaBen (“redemption of the firstborn son”) had to be done from the frontlines Naftali Stetman

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A Thousand Words – January 1, 2024

Rabbi Moshe Blum (right) and Rabbi Oriel Zaretsky both previously served as the rabbis of the city of Warsaw, Poland as emissaries of the Straus-Amiel Institute. This week, thousands of kilometers away from Warsaw, the two met in uniform as

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Points of Light: A Hug From the Field

Points of Light: A Hug from the Field As President and Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone, Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander is in constant contact with hundreds of students, staff members, alumni and shlichim who have been mobilized throughout the

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Points of Light: From the Diaspora with Love

Points of Light: From the Diaspora with Love OTS’s Straus-Amiel and Beren-Amiel shlichim are fighting on two fronts: some have returned to Israele to serve on the front, while others are serving with their heart and soul on the front

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