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A Thousand Words – June 13, 2024

At Ohr Torah Stone, we understand that the Torah is the Tree of Life, but we also put the sentiment into practice. In our Photo of the Week, 11th grade students at Jacob Sapirstein “Ariel” Junior High and High School

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A Thousand Words – June 6, 2024

At OTS, education transcends the classroom, as illustrated in our Photo of the Week. 11th graders from Jennie Sapirstein Junior High School for Girls in Ramot, Jerusalem visited Ofakim, a town deeply scarred by October 7th, where they met with

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JNS – When life and death imitate art

When life and death imitate art Eitan Dov Rosenzweig was killed in battle in Gaza on Nov. 22. But his talent was recognized well before his induction into the IDF. SHARON ALTSHUL | May 22, 2024 A new exhibit at

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Yom Hazikaron 5784-2024

Yom Hazikaron 5784-2024 Yom Hazikaron was especially difficult this year. Each of our institutions found its own way to honor and perpetuate the memory of the fallen of both past and present – among them 13 OTS alumni and 32

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JNS – Facing Memorial Day 

Facing Memorial Day  Judith Segaloff  | May 13, 2024   Ohr Torah Stone, a Modern Orthodox network of 32 educational and social institutions and programs, is also relating differently to this Memorial Day. Thirteen alumni and 31 members of the

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Art Amid the Shadow of War

Art Amid the Shadow of War The Ann Belsky Moranis Arts Program at OTS’s Katz-Oriya High School for Girls in Gush Etzion encourages students to express themselves and explore the areas close to their heart through the world of creativity. Over the

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A Thousand Words – March 14, 2024

Ulpanat Katz Oriya High School launched the month of Adar Bet with a powerful and moving activity that was especially resonant for our times. The girls chose the theme “Acharit HaYamim” – the “End of Days” – and focused on

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A Thousand Words – February 22, 2024

Even as our students strive to provide support, solidarity and compassion to those in need, they simultaneously draw tremendous strength from the families they encounter – especially during this period, which has brought forth so many heroic and inspirational figures.

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