Shlichim 5781

Meet our New Shlichim! Tal and Moriah Uzi

View previous Tal and Moriah Uzi are shlichim in Omaha, Nebraska, where they are working as Judaic Studies and Hebrew teachers in the Friedel Jewish Academy. “The Beren-Amiel institute provided us with the mental and practical preparation for connecting with

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Meet our New Shlichim! Tal and Daniel Levian

View previous Tal and Daniel Levian are teaching at the Denver Academy of Torah in Colorado, USA. They are the first new shlichim to arrive in Denver in 15 years! ” At Beren-Amiel we received the tools we need for our

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Meet our New Shlichim! Tzuri and Chana Hasson

View previous Tzuri and Chana Hasson are shlichim in Sunnyvale California, where they are teaching grades 4-8 at the South Peninsula Hebrew Day School. “We are so grateful for having studied at Beren-Amiel and used the ideas and skills we

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Yehoshua and Tehila Sadiel

Meet our New Shlichim! Yehoshua and Tehila Sadiel

View previous Yehoshua and Tehila Sadiel have just arrived in Berlin, Germany, where they will be teaching at the Lauder Beth-Zion school. “The Beren-Amiel institute provided us with the ability to look deeply into an individual’s soul and find various connection

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Meet our New Shlichim! Daniel and Ruth Lecount

View previous Daniel and Ruth Lecount are off to Toronto, Canada, to teach in the Netivot HaTorah school. “The Beren-Amiel program provided us with the understanding that the idea of shlichut isn’t a one-off experience of going out and returning. There are

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Meet our New Shlichim! Alon and Kareen Nagar

View previous Alon and Kareen Nagar just departed for their shlichut in Deal, NJ, where they will be teaching in the Hillel School. “At the Beren-Amiel institute we learned in depth about Diaspora Jews from all over the world. We

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Meet our New Shlichim! Chana Moriah and Netanel Dahan

View previous Chana Moriah and Netanel Dahan have completed the Straus-Amiel or Beren-Amiel emissary training course at OTS, and are now poised to embark upon shlichut as teachers at the Ben Porat Yosef school in Paramus, New Jersey. “The Beren-Amiel

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