Melting the Ice

Jerusalem and Gush Etzion are still recovering from the worst snowstorm in decades. Today – eight days after the first flakes began to blanket the Judean hills – there are still homes without electricity, businesses that cannot open, streets covered in black ice, inestimable damage to property, and huge mounds of snow everywhere. But there …

Spreading the Light

Kol hakavod to US Army Chaplain Rabbi David Ruderman, a musmach of OTS’s Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Rabbinical Seminary, for spreading the light to the troops in Kuwait over Chanukah! May he be blessed with the strength to continue warming, illuminating and shining.    

Jerusalem Post’s “In Jerusalem” Magazine: “Vandals No More”

Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad Program is always seeking innovative ways of connecting secular Israelis to their Jewish identity, stressing the common history, heritage and values shared by Jews of all backgrounds and beliefs in an effort to build a strong, united society. From flagship programs like “The Candle that Connects,” which has …


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