One Beer at a Time

OTS emissaries Shira and Rabbi Chaim Finson serve as the OU-JLIC couple at Cornell University. This week the couple served up

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Baking with a Twist

Rabbi David Benchelouche is a graduate of OTS’s Straus Amiel and Maarava programs; his wife, Tirtza, an alumna of the Claudia Cohen Women

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Facebook Highlights – August 2015 Our first tiyul was amazing! Posted by Midreshet Lindenbaum on Monday, August 24, 2015 Congratulations to Marie, who was

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Facebook Highlights – July 2015

לשידור/To the broadcast:לדף המקורות/Source Sheet-…/upl…/2015/07/Source-Sheet-Tisha-BAv.pdf — with Ohr Torah Stone. Posted by ‎Ohr Torah Stone – אור תורה סטון‎ on Saturday,

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