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“Resolution Political and Unfortunate” – Jerusalem Post

“RCA resolution on female ordination‘political and unfortunate,’ says Riskin” By JEREMY SHARON 5/11/2015 Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, municipal chief rabbi of Efrat and one of the most prominent leaders of Modern Orthodoxy, has criticized a recent resolution adopted by the Rabbinical

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Don’t Call Me Rabbi

  Barbara Sofer – The Human Spirit “Don’t Call Me Rabbi” Jerusalem Post –  23/10/2015 An antiquated assumption that women are incapable or unwilling to grasp grand concepts hasn’t quite disappeared, despite the existence of women justices, neurosurgeons, and Google

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“The Gates of Tears are Never Locked”

The Gates of Tears are Never Locked Between Mechila and Shtar Mechila by Osnat Sharon 21/9/2015 Moses Maimonides in Hilkhot Teshuvah (The Laws of Repentance) Chapter 2 writes that repentance and Yom Kippur can only atone for the sins between

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The Torah Doesn’t Belong to Any One Denomination

“Rabbi Riskin: The Torah Doesn’t Belong to Any One Denomination” Rabbi Shlomo Riskin became one of the Chief Rabbinate’s biggest nemeses in 5775. His alternative conversion court is a direct challenge to the religious establishment, and he’s willing to go

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Rabbi Riskin: Thoughts on the Rabbinate

July 3, 2015 The Council of the Chief Israeli Rabbinate voted on Monday to extend Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s tenure as Chief Rabbi of Efrat. Needless to say, residents of Efrat are delighted that Rabbi Riskin will be allowed to continue

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Rabbi Riskin and the Chief Rabbinate

  May 27, 2015 You may be aware of the fact that this week the Israeli Chief Rabbinate Council refused to automatically renew the tenure of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin as Chief Rabbi of Efrat, instead summoning him for a hearing

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“Fighting for their Freedom”

“Fighting for their Freedom” by Osnat Sharon 2/4/2015 When we sit around the Seder table this coming Friday night, we will be fulfilling once again the commandment of retelling the story of our Exodus from Egypt, celebrating the holiday of our

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Aguna Freed After 28 Years

“Aguna of 28 Years granted Divorce Two Days Before Passover” by Jeremy Sharon 1/04/2015 Long-term agunot are unable to exit a marriage due to certain stipulations of Jewish law, are uncommon but sadly not unknown in Israel.  But the case of

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Festival of Freedom?

  “Festival of Freedom?” by Osnat Sharon Jerusalem Post Op-Ed –  31/03/2015 Naama caanot fall asleep at night. She never imagined that she would find herself living in such threatening circumstances – the type one generally associates with movies featuring gangsters or

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“Integration, Adaptation and Comfort Zones”

“On Integration, Adaptation, Comfort Zones, and what is just beyond them” by Avi Ganz 09/3/2015 Years ago, it was widely accepted that any person who was noticeably different (religious belief, skin color, intelligence, mannerisms, etc.) was incapable of integrating into the mainstream.

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“Film as a Mirror of Reality”

“Film as a Mirror of Reality” by Osnat Sharon 2/3/2015 Sometimes film is a mirror of reality. Sometimes the reality reflected is very difficult – certainly when it concerns painful subjects such as the problem of agunot and mesuravot get. That was apparently

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Riskin Chooses Successor – Jewish Week

“Riskin Chooses Successor for His Educational Network” The American-born rabbi taps Rabbi David Stav of Tzohar to co-lead Ohr Torah Stone in Israel By STEVE LIPMAN, Staff Writer 02/03/2015 Click here to read the article on the Jewish Week website Rabbi

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