Yad La’isha

Yisrael Hayom – “Cruel and evil behavior”

“Cruel and evil behavior”: Get-abuser who kidnapped his children ordered to pay unprecedented amount to his wife A harsh verdict was handed down against Yigal Sagi, as part of which he was required to pay millions to his wife, to

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Ben Ari comforting a Playback participant

Dancing Through the Tears

Dancing Through the Tears “My husband abused me for years,” relates Avia, “but I tried to make things work for my family – we have ten children together. When he left to go to the United States, it was a

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Yediot Aharonot – Letters from Captivity

Letters from Captivity Each year, hundreds of women join the circle of agunot, women whose husbands refuse to grant them a get and thus continue to violently control their lives. In the background are the children, who find themselves in

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