Yad La’isha

Ynet – Clipped Wings

“My Wings Are Clipped, My Freedom Was Taken”: Agunot Stage a Spoken Word Show To mark International Aguna Day, a group of women who are being refused a religious divorce staged a Spoken Word poetry performance initiated by Yad La’isha,

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Pidyon HaBen on the Front Lines

Pidyon HaBen on the Front Lines He managed to make it to the birth and to the brit of his firstborn son, but the Pidyon HaBen (“redemption of the firstborn son”) had to be done from the frontlines Naftali Stetman

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Yisrael Hayom – A Question of Education

A Question of Education It takes courage to educate children to a historical and national consciousness that refuses to close its eyes and knows how to link the siege to the Holocaust, the state and war • An education that

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Points of Light: Comforting and Giving

Points of Light: Comforting and Giving With an enveloping embrace of their colleague Advocate Tehila Cohen, the staff of OTS’s Yad Laisha Legal Aid Center for Agunot went out with her, past and present clients for a day of helping

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Points of Light: Unchaining Agunot, Even During War

Points of Light: Unchaining Agunot, Even During War Merav and Sharon (pseudonyms) are two different women with different backgrounds who come from different parts of the country. But both finally received their get this week after a long, exhausting and

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Yisrael Hayom – “Cruel and evil behavior”

“Cruel and evil behavior”: Get-abuser who kidnapped his children ordered to pay unprecedented amount to his wife A harsh verdict was handed down against Yigal Sagi, as part of which he was required to pay millions to his wife, to

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Ben Ari comforting a Playback participant

Dancing Through the Tears

Dancing Through the Tears “My husband abused me for years,” relates Avia, “but I tried to make things work for my family – we have ten children together. When he left to go to the United States, it was a

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Yediot Aharonot – Letters from Captivity

Letters from Captivity Each year, hundreds of women join the circle of agunot, women whose husbands refuse to grant them a get and thus continue to violently control their lives. In the background are the children, who find themselves in

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