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Halakhic Prenup Campaign to Prevent Get-Abuse

Halakhic Prenup Campaign to Prevent Get-Abuse For the second year in a row, Ohr Torah Stone has launched a campaign in print and digital media during Israel’s most popular wedding season to raise awareness of the importance of signing a

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Shabbaton Magazine – Women’s Liberation

Women’s Liberation It took seven years to locate the get-refuser who disappeared without a trace from a court hearing, and a total of 14 years during which Rachel was an aguna. Esty fled a violent relationship, knowing that aginut would

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Knesset News – International Aguna Day

In joint meeting of Constitution Committee and Committee on the Status of Women for Agunah Day, Committee Chairs MK Kariv and MK Touma-Sliman demand a solution to economic situation of agunot The Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, chaired by MK

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Esty Sompo in a cage in the midrachov

JWire – The plight of trapped women

The plight of trapped women March 16, 2022 by J-Wire Newsdesk Marking Yom HaAguna, the international day highlighting the plight of “trapped women” commemorated annually on the Fast of Esther, the Yad La’isha Legal Aid Centre, part of the Ohr Torah

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Arutz 7 – The stories behind the statistics

The stories behind the statistics – opinion The stories of some of the women helped by Yad La’Isha, which aids women attempting to obtain a get. For International Agunah Day. Pnina Omer |  March 16, 2022 For many years, Sagit

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