Yad La’isha

Putting balloons in the cage

Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom Former agunot who were freed from marriage were strengthened with songs of freedom Hundreds of people, among them former agunot who were recently released from chained marriage,  gathered last night (Monday) at Jerusalem’s First Station for an

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Orel Levi at the Finish Line

Living with a Collar Around my Neck

Living with a Collar Around my Neck As a young ultra-Orthodox woman of marriageable age, nothing really prepared me for what ensued. Oped by Orel Silam |  August 16, 2019 This year, Tu Be’av – the 15th day of the

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Chaim Meizlish, get refuser

Shaming Levied Against Recalcitrant Husband

Rabbinical Court Rules:  Ostracizing and Shaming May be Levied Against  Recalcitrant Husband “I deserve to be set free,” says Sarah, a woman being denied a get (Jewish writ of divorce) by her husband, Chaim Meizlish.  The Rabbinical Court recently ruled

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Pnina Omer and visitor in the cage

A Cage in Haifa

Cage in Haifa Highlights the Struggle of Women Trapped in Divorce  The cage was decorated with living room furniture meant to invoke a sense of home, and the visitors who stepped inside were asked to imagine the constricted world of

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Michael Eizenbach

Foiling an Injustice

Michael Eisenbach has refused for years to grant a divorce to his wife, but that didn’t stop him from trying to marry another woman in the United States.

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Rabbi Shuki Reich teaching

Religious Law 101

Religious Law 101 Whether working to free individual women chained to abusive marriages or fighting for change on a systemic level, the women advocates of Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline widen the circle in

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