A camera lens captures the incredible pain, frustration and despair of 20 agunot and mesuravot get, clients of Yad L’isha: the Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline who are literally trapped in marriages that are dead, unviable or abusive.
As we prepare to celebrate Passover – the Holiday of Freedom – we ask that you remember these women and the thousands of others who are not free. We remind you about these chained women not only because we must take responsibility for the suffering of others, but also because if solutions to this problem are not found, the issue could affect each and every one of us.
No one is immune from this problem. Today, we are exposing you to the frustration and despair of 20 of our clients; tomorrow, it could be your neighbor, your friend, your sister, your daughter.
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The photos will be exhibited over Passover in Jerusalem’s First Station complex. We ask that you please share and forward this virtual exhibit to show agunot and mesuravot get that you care, to tell them that they are not as alone as they feel, to help educate society and to support us as we push toward just solutions.

Yad L’isha: the Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline, a division of Ohr Torah Stone, was founded in 1997 to provide expert legal representation to agunot and mesuravot get in the rabbinical courts. Yad L’isha employs a staff of professional, dedicated Rabbinical Court Advocates and civil attorneys who have won the freedom of over 1,000 women while helping and supporting countless others. Today, Yad L’isha continues to provide hundreds of women per year with legal aid, the services of a staff social worker, a private investigator, and coaching and empowerment services


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