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Ofer Schechter and Orna Banai: Give her a “get

Under the banner “A chained woman is a jailed woman”, some celebrities have begun to participate in a social media campaign whereby they write on their hands “Give her a get” and take a selfie.   The goal is to raise awareness to the suffering of women are have been refused a get by their husbands, and to raise funds for their struggle.

Yediot Acharonot/Ynet – 14 January, 2019 (Translated from Hebrew)

Shelly GafniA group of celebrities is participating in a campaign these past few days to raise awareness to the suffering of ‘chained women’ whose husbands have refused to give them a get – a Jewish writ of divorce – and to raise funds for their struggle.

Under the banner “A chained woman is a jailed woman,” celebrities have posted selfies of themselves holding up their hand in a “stop” position with the words “Give her a Get” (#תןלהגט) written on their palms.   Among the celebrities participating thus far are Ofer Shechter, Orna Banai, Ravit Asaf, Shai-Li Shindler, Michael Louis, Shelly Gafni, Amira Buzaglo, Carmel Lotan and Meirav Feldman.

The campaign is the brainchild of Nitzan Peled and Sharon Ben-Chaim, Communications students at the College of Management, within the framework of a class project in community studies.  The two joined forces with Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center, an Ohr Torah Stone program which represents chained women in the rabbinical court system, as well as with the Jgive crowdfunding platform.Meyrav Feldman

Peled and Ben-Chaim decided to appeal to the general public and ask them to make contributions and raise awareness by taking the “stop” selfie and posting it with the #giveheraget hashtag, and with a link to the fundraising project.

“This topic is very important to us and we feel that it has not been adequately publicized,” explained Peled.  “When we were asked to think of a campaign topic for our college degree, there was no doubt in my mind that this was what we were going to do.”

Ben-Chaim added, “We wanted to raise awareness of this subject because we feel that it is not in the public eye enough.  We hope that this project can help to stop the phenomenon of divorce refusal.”

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