One Week + One Advocate = Freedom for Two Women

Please join us in wishing a hearty Mazal Tov to Chava and Devorah, both of whom won their freedom this week thanks to Advocate Limor Hajaj in the Beersheva office of Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline.

Chava (left) with advocate Hajaj

Chava began the divorce process in 2007 and only came to Yad La’isha last year; she was sure that once again she was going to leave the Beit Din a married woman, chained against her will.  But Hajaj handled the case with great patience, wisdom and determination, overcoming all of the unexpected actions from Chava’s husband, until the coveted get was placed in her hands.

Hajaj with Devorah, right

Devorah too went through a difficult journey which began five years ago, after her husband suddenly vanished without a trace. When he returned two years later, he brought back with him a number of demands in exchange for a divorce. A few months ago, Devorah came to Yad La’isha; Hajaj was able to convince the rabbinical court to differentiate between the property agreements which are hammered out in the civil courts and the actual process of religious divorce, enabling Devorah to receive her long-awaited get and taste freedom.

“May Yad La’isha continue to grow from strength to strength in order to save women like me,” said Devorah. Chava added: “I want all women in similar circumstances to mine to know that there is hope. There are good people along the way – in this case, good women – and I do not take them or their assistance for granted,” she said.

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