Germany to Israel || Rabbi Riskin Leads OTS Mission in Celebration of 30 Years of Impact

A country with a rich history and a painful past, Germany evokes powerful emotions. It is not only the symbol of the darkest annals of our history, it is also the birthplace of Ashkenazi Judaism. Heritage sites and national landmarks pay tribute both to deep Jewish roots and to the worst anti-Semitism the world has ever known.
Today, in defiance of Hitler and against all odds, a Jewish renaissance is taking place throughout Germany. Rabbi Riskin is guiding group participants through the complex history of Germany – the third largest Jewish community in Europe – and showing them the extraordinary impact OTS graduates are having in its rejuvenation.
DAY ONE: Munich: Market Place and Odeon Platz, Residence Palace, State Opera House, Agudat Achim Synagogue, Ohel Jakob Synagogue – a symbol of Jewish revival – and the Jewish Community Center. Olympia Park, the scene of the tragic kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics. Dachau – the first of the Nazi concentration camp in Germany in which over 200,000 people were imprisoned and over 30,000 died – a third of them Jews. Dinner with community leaders, hosted by President of the Jewish Community in Munich, Mrs. Dr. H.C. Knobloch, former President of the Council of Jewish in Germany.

PHOTOS FROM DAY ONE – 19 May, 2014


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