Poland’s Szalom TV made this delightful, informative clip highlighting the very first OTS Amiel BaKehila delegation ever to visit Warsaw, Wroclaw and Lodz. 

Led by Rabbi Boaz Pash, Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone’s Torat Yosef kollel and former Straus-Amiel emissary, the delegation also included photographer and public relations expert Laura Ben David, and musician Mishael Dickman. 

OTS Amiel BaKehila was created in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs in order empower Jewish communities around the world through Jewish education, Israel engagement and Jewish arts & culture.  We bring dynamic programming, speakers and educators to small and mid-sized Jewish communities  in order to unite, excite and connect Jews to their local community and to the State of Israel. 

“OTS successfully won a complex and demanding bid to become the Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs’ agents in this innovative initiative,” reveals Rabbi Reuven Spolter, the program’s director. “The Ministry was extremely cognizant of the decades-long impact OTS rabbinical and educational emissary programs have made and continue to make on the Jewish world, which is why we were awarded all of the communities in Latin America, and two-thirds each of Europe and North America.” 

More than 50 delegations similar to this one will be sent by OTS Amiel BaKehilla to 25 communities in this, the program’s first year of operation. 


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