OTS Annual Dinner: An Evening of Unity, Resilience and Hope

After being postponed from November 2023, the Annual OTS Dinner finally took place on February 23, 2024, and it was worth waiting for!

All the honorees
(l to r) OTS President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, Honorees Arielle Frankston-Morris, Julia Frankston-Morris, Rabbi David Kalb, Jeremy Pava, Ann Pava, Chair of the OTS North American Board Laurence Schreiber

It was our privilege to honor Ann and Jeremy Pava with the titles Chaver and Chavera for their outstanding community leadership; to pay tribute to Jewish Learning Center director Rabbi David Kalb; and to present the Distinguished Alumnae Award to Midreshet Lindenbaum graduates Julia Frankston-Morris and Arielle Frankston-Morris.

The Dinner’s theme, “Steeped in Tradition, Relevant and Welcoming,” reflects how the OTS philosophy shines through all of OTS’s programs – but especially through those supported by this year’s honorees. We invite you to watch this short video that was screened at the event to learn how these programs address the challenges and needs of contemporary Jewish society by seeking and finding solutions within halakha and the traditional religious Jewish sources.

During the evening’s special focus on Israel at war, we paid tribute to OTS’s heroic fallen soldiers and marveled at the dedication of our outstanding youth. Their values were on display as Rabbi Avishai Milner, Rosh Yeshiva of OTS’s Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School, spoke about how his school is processing the heavy loss of nine alumni.

RKB and Julie Platt
Julie Platt and Rabbi Brander in conversation

In a conversation between OTS President & Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Kenneth Brander and Chair of the Jewish Federations of North America Board of Trustees Julie Platt about current challenges in Israel and the Diaspora, both noted how Jewish youth on both sides of the ocean have been displaying great idealism and leadership. The Jewish future is bright!

Words of Torah were shared by OTS’s North American Fellow Rabbanit Chamutal Shoval, and Rabbi Brander’s tribute to OTS’s longtime friend Robert M. Beren led to the announcement of a new gift with which OTS will be establishing the Robert M. Beren Center for Educational Leadership.

We are so grateful for this opportunity of an evening celebrating remarkable contributions, unity, resilience, and hope.

We pray for brighter days and enduring peace.


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