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A Source of Pride for the Religious sector: Approximately 30% of Outstanding High Schools from State-Religious Stream

Amongst the outstanding schools placing highest on the list are some from the Bnei Akiva network, the Noam-Tzvia network and the Ohr Torah Stone network

By Merav Cohen

15.08.18 [Translated from Hebrew]

The Israeli Ministry of Education publicized the list of outstanding high schools for the academic year 5778 (2017-8).

During the past academic year there were a total of 733 upper schools which met the criteria, of which 292, or 27.7%, come from the State-Religious stream. Fourteen were institutions of Bnei Akiva and an additional eight from the Noam-Tzvia network.

Dr. Avraham Lifshitz, head of the Education Ministry’s Religious Education Administration reacted to the high number of religious schools on the list: “The Religious Education Administration is proud of the 80 outstanding institutions from our sector and view their academic excellence in the merit of intensity of investment on two spheres. The first is the strengthening of students’ moral, Zionist and religious identity, a goal that serve as a basis for empowerment and a strong personality. The principled education and the connection to Israel and to the values of giving in general build successful leaders and people. The second, which is no less important that the first, is the unceasing striving toward excellence and educational advancement. “

Four of Ohr Torah Stone’s six high schools were on the Ministry of Education’s list of outstanding high schools. Ohr Torah Stone Director General, Yinon Ahiman: “Our presence on this list of outstanding schools has already become a tradition of success which has continued in some of our institutions for three and even four consecutive years. It is even more difficult to maintain standing on the list year after yaer and we have proven continually successful. Upon graduation, our alumni exhibit a high percentage of induction into the elite units and positions of command in the IDF. Our youth live lives of Torah out of a deep conviction and awareness of a mission; they live and breathe love of Israel and its people, they volunteer in their free time and during their vacations, and they illustrate that dreams can come true.”


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