OTS International Giving Day
Save the Date for Giving Day

Every dollar counts. Every second counts. Every person counts.

On Wednesday, December 19, at 3:15 PM EST, the Ohr Torah Stone family will unite together for OTS International Giving Day.

Under the banner LIGHTING THE WORLD TOGETHER, we will collectively raise $1,500,000 from across the globe to continue lighting the way in Jewish living, learning and leadership.

Since its establishment in 1983, OTS has grown into an all-encompassing network which continues to make a transformative impact on Israeli society and world Jewry.

Donations made during the 36-hour Giving Day period will help OTS strengthen the thousands of students in our high schools, seminaries, yeshivot hesder, leadership, social action and Jewish outreach programs.

Your contribution makes a concrete difference, enabling us to continue:

  • Training the future leaders of global Jewry how to deal with cutting-edge issues;
  • Making Torah compelling, relevant and accessible to every Jew;
  • Producing rabbis and emissaries to serve Jewish communities around the world;
  • Empowering women to partake in the highest levels of Jewish learning, spiritual leadership and halakhic discourse;
  • Advocating on behalf of agunot in the rabbinical courts;
  • Reeducating hundreds of Christian leaders about Israel to combat the BDS movement;
  • Championing academic excellence and creative scholarship alongside intellectual openness and deep sensitivity;
  • Addressing – and seeking solutions to – the pressing, modern-day challenges facing Israeli society and the Jewish world.

Matching Gifts

Every contribution made during the 36-hour Giving Day will have an even greater impact, because thanks to the generosity of several benefactors, every dollar you donate toward the LIGHTING THE WORLD TOGETHER giving day campaign will be doubled! 

36 hours

Your donation will have an instant impact as it combines to give the non-profit its entire goal in just 36 hours.

See it go right to work!

All or Nothing

Your donation will only be processed if the campaign reaches its goal, proving that the entire community is united in Lighting the World… TOGETHER!


The dedicated Giving Day website will be launched on 19/12…
…and together, we’ll do the LIGHT thing!

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