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The Lord of the Rings: not just a movie.

21 years ago, on December 19. 2001, the first movie in the famed ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy was released. In Tolkien’s classic story, the Lord of the Rings uses the ring’s power to attain mastery over others.

In reality, there are thousands of women across Israel and the world who are being trapped in marriages against their will by Lords of the Rings: husbands who are controlling them through the ring of marriage, refusing to grant them a get – the key to their freedom.

We are here to help these women break the chains. On this third night of Chanukah, we dedicate the lighting of the third candle to the devoted lawyers, rabbinical court advocates and social workers staffing OTS’s Yad Laisha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center for Agunot, who work tirelessly on behalf of trapped women.

Because for most of us, the Lord of the Rings is merely fantasy. But for agunot it’s a horror movie; their fantasy is simply to be released, and to continue living their lives.

Happy Chanukah – may agunot everywhere be entitled to emerge from darkness to light.


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