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Lighting up the World!

We are dedicating the fourth Chanukah candle to a group of men and women who are disseminating the light of the Torah to all four corners of the world: the graduates of Straus-Amiel and Beren-Amiel who are serving as rabbinical and educational emissaries in synagogues, campuses and communities throughout the Diaspora.

These young couples and families go on shlichut to locations far away from their homeland, their parents and their friends. They do so out of a sense of responsibility to Am Yisrael and the desire to add light not only to the part of the nation that is close to them in Israel, but also to the parts of the nation that are further away.

From Australia to Argentina, from Finland to South Africa; in 97 cities in 36 countries, 285 OTS shlichim are currently holding aloft the flame of Judaism and Zionism across the globe.

Keep on shining! Happy Chanukah!


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