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How well do you know Ohr Torah Stone’s hesder yeshivot and rabbinical seminary programs? On this fifth night of Chanukah we invite you to another trivial quiz, as we pay tribute to the young men combining rigorous Torah study with meaningful IDF service and general studies – all in preparation for becoming the next generation of relevant, contemporary spiritual leaders.

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1. How many men have attained semicha through OTS’s Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Rabbinical Seminary?
a. 254
b. 100
c. 50
d. 327

2. Where is OTS’s Yeshivat Metivta located?
a. Lod
b. Carmiel
c. Alon Shvut
d. Jerusalem

3. What is the mission of Kollel Torat Yosef?
a. To train Israeli rabbis to better serve their Israeli congregations
b. To train rabbis from the Diaspora to return to serve their communities abroad
c. To provide rabbis with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the educational principles of Ohr Torah Stone
d. All of the above

4. Which of the following rabbis are on the faculty of OTS’s Robert M. Beren Yeshivat Machanaim? a. Rav Shlomo Vilkb. Rav Sarel Rosenblattc. Rav Dr. Shlomo Dov Rosend. All of the above 5. How many students are currently learning in OTS’s hesder yeshivot?

a. 70
b. 124
c. 250
d. 50

Ohr Torah Stone’s yeshivot and rabbinical seminary provide the nation’s future leaders with unique environments in which they can develop individually while contending with the contemporary challenges facing Israeli society and the Jewish people through the prism of Torah and Mesorah, in order to better share its truth, relevance and beauty. May they continue to enlighten and illuminate Am Yisrael!

(answers: 1.d, 2.b, 3.b,4.d, 5.b)


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