OTS Lighting the Way – 8th Night of Chanukah

Ohr Torah Stone is lighting the way!

Keeping the flame burning … all year long!

The eighth Chanukah candle celebrates OTS’s newest initiative: HaMidrasha HaYisraelit – the Israeli Seminary – a new beit midrash for post-high school Israeli women from all backgrounds and religious affiliations.

The eight candles that we light tonight symbolize the wide and beautiful spectrum of the entire nation of Israel. All are loved, all are wanted, all have a place in the grand Chanukah menorah of the Jewish People.

To this end, OTS has just established the Midrasha HaYisraelit in which students will study – together – the Rambam and Spinoza; Rav Kook and AD Gordon. They will explore the vast array of Jewish bookshelves from both past and present, and familiarize themselves with the old and the new, the holy and the secular, in unity and mutual respect.

In this way we will harness the light of Chanukah and keep the flame burning all year long.

May You shine a new light over Zion, and may we all soon be worthy of its light.

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