Our Impact

In the past year, OTS...

  • Educated 3,140 students from countries across the globe in 27 programs on 11 campuses
  • Empowered 300,000+ secular Israelis to forge a meaningful connection to their Jewish heritage
  • Served Jewish communities in 6 of the world's 7 continents through 284 rabbinical & educational emissaries
  • Granted Modern Orthodox rabbinical ordination to 16 men
  • Trained 10 female scholars toward a heter hora'ah degree (license to rule on matters of Jewish law)
  • Represented 147 agunot in the rabbinical courts to break their chains and rehabilitate their lives
  • Provided the only fully-immersed, Orthodox year-in-Israel program for young adults with special needs
  • Enabled 330 women to combine meaningful seminary studies with full service in the IDF
  • Guided 372 potential converts toward becoming part of the Jewish people
  • Celebrated the 10th anniversary of the only full-time seminary for women from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Engaged 6,000 Christian visitors to Israel in a Hebraic Roots study program
  • Won two separate Israeli government tenders from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs to create groundbreaking programs which are bringing Jews all over the world closer to Israel and their Jewish roots
  • In the past 6 months, 9 delegations ran 258 Jewish identity programs for 7881 participants in 25 communities across the globe
  • Opened the third branch of our women's college in the city of Lod, and a new yeshiva for young men in Carmiel
  • Won the Ministry of Education's Education Prize for 2018
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