Reading the weekly Torah insights, staying up-to-date on the impact we’re making, and discovering our latest content has never been easier, because our new website is here! We’re so excited to launch the new OTS site; its modern interface and intuitive menus will make finding what you want easier than ever!

The new site has gone live in tandem with the momentous change which took place at OTS this summer, as new President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander accepted the reins of leadership from legendary founder Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, leading us into the next chapter of our development.

screenshot of old website
screenshot of new website

Over the past 34 years, OTS has progressed from the seedling stage (literally one high school, ‘planted’ – as it were – in the rocky Judean Hills) to a tree with strong roots, a well-fortified trunk, and 27 “branches” in the form of educational institutions and social action programs.  Under the direction of our new President, we will continue to nourish and cultivate our tree, striving to grow ever higher, and to add new branches.  We pray that these branches bear fruit and, most importantly, that the seeds of this fruit be spread throughout Israel and the world at large, building virtual forests of Modern Orthodox living, learning and leadership.

We sought to reflect upon this idea in revamping our website.  The primary colors of our site, white and blue, represent our tree’s roots by reflecting our basic commitment to a Zionistic, Orthodox philosophy which is true to Jewish law and tradition.

The site’s complementary accent colors symbolize the wide spectrum of values that OTS pursues and instills in our students:

  • Orange, a color which conveys creativity and youthfulness, highlights the innovative excellence of our educational institutions.
  • The vibrancy of green implies growth and renewal, and also recalls the fresh approach OTS espouses as we seek to address contemporary challenges to Modern Orthodox living.
  • Turquoise, a blend of blue and green, is often associated with wisdom, serenity and wholeness. Turquoise also denotes a world map, because our students and alumni make a lasting impact on all four corners of the earth.
  • Yellow embodies the “Ohr” in our name; literally meaning light, Ohr denotes the strong beacon which emanates from a true synthesis between sacred and modern, illuminating the world.
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