Points of Light: Tefilot, Learning, Volunteering

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Students in the Israeli programs at OTS’s Midreshet Lindenbaum returned to campus at the beginning of the week and haven’t wasted a moment since.

In addition to dedicating their tefillot and learning to the healing of the wounded, the return of the kidnapped and the safety and success of the IDF soldiers, they are involved in important Home Front volunteer activities.

And for the programs’ own alumnae – hundreds of whom are in active service or re-mobilized in emergency callups – these young women made care packages, as soon as their night seder (learning session) ended. (Characteristically, each package had not only treats but also a book – nourishment for the soul!)

We continue to be so inspired and moved by the actions of our students who inspire in us such optimism about our nation’s future.


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