Points of Light: Unchaining Agunot, Even During War

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Merav and Sharon (pseudonyms) are two different women with different backgrounds who come from different parts of the country. But both finally received their get this week after a long, exhausting and frustrating struggle – thanks to OTS’s Monica Dennis Goldberg Yad La’isha Legal Aid Center for Agunot.

Merav and Sharon are part of the sad statistics of thousands of women in Israel who are held hostage by their spouses, who refuse to give them a divorce. The rabbinical advocates, lawyers and dedicated social workers of Yad Lasha work day and night to support trapped women and represent them in the courts until the long-awaited divorce is obtained – and long after. Thanks to them, starting this week, Merav and Sharon can begin to live their lives as free women – the basic right of every woman and every man, for which, unfortunately, we still have to fight today.


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