The Poor Man’s Ewe-Lamb


The Poor Man’s Ewe-Lamb

by Osnat Sharon 6/12/2015

As much as we applaud the move toward greater equality, this decision requires greater examination. Is it truly proof that the Rabbinical Court is adjusting to the times? Or is it, possibly, the removal of the only advantage that had been allowed to women through Jewish personal status laws?

Osnat Sharon

The Rabbinical Court finally seems to be moving to keep up with the times, and the whole world is applauding.

A few days ago we were informed that the Chief Rabbinate Council has amended its policy in pursuit of equality; from now on, if the children are in their father’s custody, women will be required to pay child support, and if the children are in the women’s custody, her financial situation will be evaluated before obligating the father to pay support. Click to read more…

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