One of the cornerstones upon which Ohr Torah Stone was founded is that the unity of the Jewish people is paramount.
Our leadership and social action programs alongside our educational institutions are all dedicated to bridge building, modeling dialogue for our students, partnership and inclusion u2013 all for the sake of strengthening the Jewish people and the modern miracle that is the Jewish state.
For this reason, OTS viewed it as a moral imperative to participate in the Maahal Haskamot (u201cAgreement Tentu201d) u2013 and specifically, in the day of fasting and prayer on 27 Adar, in which hundreds of people came together to learn Torah, daven, strengthen and be strengthened as we called for dialogue and unity.
As in any healthy family, within the OTS network there are many people and many opinions. There are heads of programs, faculty and students in favor of the legislative reforms and there are also people who oppose it. But at the end of the day, it is clear to all of us that we – and all the people of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide – are part of one family.
With that understanding, it is our responsibility to find common ground through active listening dialogue and mutual respect, and with Hashemu2019s blessing we will ensure that peace amongst our people will prevail.

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