Conversion Institute for Spanish Speakers

The only Spanish-speaking conversion institute in Israel has proven itself a critically important addition to Israeli society. Initiated by Ohr Torah Stone at the behest of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, the ulpan aims to strengthen Jewish identity in Israel while concurrently coming to the aid of families in need from Latin America and Spain. Students hail

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Jewish Learning Center

The Jewish Learning Center of New York (JLCNY) is an innovative Jewish institution dedicated to reaching out to all who are interested in learning about and being involved in the beauty of Jewish traditions, ideas, texts, history and community. The Jewish Learning Center of New York provides intellectually stimulating Jewish educational programs, vibrant cultural activities, exciting social

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Ohr Torah Stone Grants to Small European Communities

Ohr Torah Stone Grants to Small European Communities One of the cornerstones of Ohr Torah Stone’s mission is the strengthening and rejuvenation of Jewish communities around the world. To this end, OTS sends hundreds of shlichim – emissaries – to the four corners of the earth, through a variety of long and short-term programs.  Now,

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OTS “Zehut” – Jewish Identity in the Diaspora

The OTS Zehut Program aims to strengthen Jewish identity on an individual and communal level, highlighting Jewish culture as a means to further identify with traditional and modern Jewish values, and to encourage a connection to the State of Israel. Likewise, OTS Zehut Program strives to strengthen the Jewish family and the community in general,

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