amlat program

Amlat Program

Midreshet Lindenbaum’s “Amlat” (America Latinit) program is the only one in existence to enable young, Spanish-speaking women from Latin America to come to Israel in order to immerse themselves in the study of Torah on a full-time basis. Students, who attend for either a semester or a year, are housed on the Chana and Yaacov

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Andre Neher

Andre Neher Institute

The Andre Neher Institute brings together faculty and student scholars from the Robert M. Beren College to study in depth the writings of Rabbi Professor Andre Neher, the little known but outstanding French philosopher and educator who shaped the spiritual character of France’s large Jewish community in the generation after the Holocaust. The colleague of Emmanuel Levinas

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Ann Belsky Moranis Program for the Arts

The late chief rabbi of Israel, Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, wrote that “Literature, painting and sculpture possess the power to translate into reality all of the spiritual notions that are deeply embedded in the human soul.”  The Ann Belsky Moranis Program for Arts and Drama encourages and facilitates students in using the arts as a

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Beren Academic Center

Located on the Israel Henry Beren Campus in Kiryat Shoshana, on the outskirts of Efrat, the Beren Academic Center complex houses the classrooms, lecture halls, Beit Midrash, college and library used by students participating in all of Ohr Torah Stone’s pioneering academic men’s programs. The Beren Academic Center serves as a hub for breakthrough Torah learning; a buzzing nerve-center from which

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Mann Family London

Beren-Amiel Program

The word ‘Amiel’ literally means “to my people,” and reflects OTS’s unwavering commitment to the rejuvenation and cultivation of world Jewish community. The Beren-Amiel Educational Emissary Program is dedicated to the comprehensive training of committed, motivated and engaging educators who are sent to teach Judaic Studies in both Orthodox and non-Orthodox state and community schools

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Besen Family building

Besen Family Center for Advanced Women’s Studies

Located on the Chana and Yaacov Tilles Campus in Talpiyot, Jerusalem, the Besen Family Center for Advanced Women’s Studies is the heart of Ohr Torah Stone’s groundbreaking activity in the realm of Jewish women’s rights and education. The Besen Center houses the pioneering Midreshet Lindenbaum College and the Monica Dennis Goldberg Yad La’isha Legal Aid Center, which strive to

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midreshet lindenbaum

Bruria Program

The Bruria Program is a year of intensive Torah study for women without a midrasha background who have completed IDF Military or National Service and are interested in establishing their spiritual and halakhic perspective, while deepening and expanding their knowledge of Tanach, Talmud, Philosophy and Halakha.  A second year in the Bruria Program allows students

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derech avot

Derech Avot Junior High and High School for Boys

The Derech Avot Beit Midrash Junior High and High School for Boys in Efrat places special emphasis on making both Torah studies and general studies interesting and enjoyable. In its effort to answer the needs of each individual student, Derech Avot makes use of special enrichment classes, tutoring programs and other reinforcements. In addition, there

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darkaynu 2018

Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Program for Men

The unique Darkaynu Program answers the prayers of young men with special needs who – until now – could only dream of spending a gap year in Israel like their peers.  Tailored to address the specific requirements of this special population, Darkaynu – which means “Our Way” – is the first “sidestreaming” program in existence;

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Darkaynu in marathon

Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Program for Women

For years, young women with physical and developmental disabilities watched wistfully as their sisters and mainstreamed peers left them behind to spend a year in Israel after high school. Darkaynu is the first and only program to fulfill their dreams by giving them the same opportunity of spending a year learning and touring in Israel, connecting to

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Beren students

Ethel and Adolph Beren Educators Institute

One of the crises facing the future of the Jewish people is the lack of engaging educators. With ever-growing challenges arising from contemporary society and assimilation into the “global village” at an all-time high, there is a pressing demand for inspiring Jewish teachers and role models to reinvigorate our classrooms, uplift our schools and build

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Hadas Torah/IDF Program

“I believe in the world of Torah.  And I believe in the world of Am Yisrael.  At Hadas, I was finally able to combine these two beliefs” The Hadas Torah/IDF Program is a pioneering project which was designed to counter some of the challenges posed by contemporary Israeli society.   Israeli history is filled with observant women

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