High Schools 

‘Derech Avot’ Junior High and High School for Boys

The Derech Avot Junior High and High School for Boys in Efrat places special emphasis on making both Torah studies and general studies interesting and enjoyable. In its effort to answer the needs of each individual student, Derech Avot makes

‘Katz Oriya’ High School for Girls

The Katz Oriya High School  was established in Gush Etzion in 2009 with the goal of providing girls with the opportunity to develop their creativity and self-identity in a warm and nurturing Torah atmosphere. The school strives to reach out

‘Neveh Channah’ High School, in Memory of Anna Ehrman

Neveh Channah, named in memory of Anna Ehrman, z”l, was founded in Gush Etzion in 1984 and continues to provide an intellectually-stimulating environment for girls who are committed to Jewish observance, who are broadminded and intellectually curious, who are able

Ann Belsky Moranis Program for the Arts

The late chief rabbi of Israel, Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, wrote that “Literature, painting and sculpture possess the power to translate into reality all of the spiritual notions that are deeply embedded in the human soul.”  The Ann Belsky Moranis

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