HaMidrasha HaYisraelit

HaMidrasha HaYisraelit (literally, “The Israeli Seminary”) is the first program to enable secular and religious young women to study ancient and modernJewish texts and philosophy together in before enlisting in the IDF. Launched in the 2023/24 academic year, the Midrasha

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The Maarava Program

The Maarava Program is a specially-designed, additional component of the Straus-Amiel Program geared specifically toward rabbis who are planning to carry out emissary work in one of the world’s Sephardic communities. Over and above the Straus-Amiel curriculum, Maarava participants devote one afternoon a

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International Halakha Scholars Program

In October 2021, the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL)  launched the International Halakha Scholars Program (IHSP) – a study program for women educators, scholars and Jewish communal leaders.  Twenty-six women enrolled in the inaugural class of this

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Beit Midrash for Judaism and Humanity

The goal of the Beit Midrash for Judaism and Humanity is to generate discourse and creativity – both philosophical and halakhic – regarding the relationship between the Jewish people and humanity, while comparing Torah texts and traditions with reality and

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Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue

The Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue officially launched in October 2020 with the mission of developing new paradigms for Judaism’s relationship towards non-Jews. As the first Orthodox Jewish institution to adopt a systemic approach to interfaith understanding and relations, the Blickle

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Alma Program (Third and Fourth Year)

Midreshet Lindenbaum’s newest program, the Alma Program, is geared toward college graduates with substantial Torah and Talmud study under their belts.c Midreshet Lindenbaum revolutionized Torah study for women by making it a substantial part of observant women’s lives; this program

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Midrashit Program

Many soldiers are inducted during the early winter months and are therefore unable to dedicate an entire year to Torah study without postponing their service. The Midrashit Program was created specifically for these young women. The intensive, ten-week course provides

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OTS “Zehut” – Jewish Identity in the Diaspora

The OTS Zehut Program aims to strengthen Jewish identity on an individual and communal level, highlighting Jewish culture as a means to further identify with traditional and modern Jewish values, and to encourage a connection to the State of Israel.

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