Ann Belsky Moranis Program for the Arts

Ann Belsky Art 2022The late chief rabbi of Israel, Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, wrote that “Literature, painting and sculpture possess the power to translate into reality all of the spiritual notions that are deeply embedded in the human soul.”  The Ann Belsky Moranis Program for Arts and Drama encourages and facilitates students in using the arts as a tool for personal fulfillment, spiritual expression and social comment.

In addition to providing OTS students with an outlet in which to create, develop and express themselves, the Ann Belsky Moranis program also provides them with matriculation options equal in level to the standard Israeli academic curriculum. OTS Arts majors must produce works of the highest quality which are graded by the Ministry of Education on aesthetic, technique, creativity and underlying message.

The ability to find one’s own unique and authentic voice, so powerfully accomplished through the arts, is vital to the development of a truly spiritual personality.  In particular through the Oriya High School , which has tracks in the plastic arts, drama, cinema and dance, but also through enhancing the curricula of all Ohr Torah Stone’s high schools, the Ann Belsky Moranis Program reaches nearly 3,000 students annually.

Director:Yonat Lemberger
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