Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue

The Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue officially launched in October 2020 with the mission of developing new paradigms for Judaism’s relationship towards non-Jews. As the first Orthodox Jewish institution to adopt a systemic approach to interfaith understanding and relations, the Blickle Institute will teach Judaism’s approach toward other religions and toward people who practice other faiths, both in relation to the non-Jewish minorities living in the Jewish State as well as in regard to interfaith relations at the global level.

Blickle Fellows visit RahatWith the return of the Jewish people to Zion and the establishment of the State of Israel, relations between the Jewish people and the nations of the world have become a crucial issue of our time. As a sovereign entity living in our own land, it is incumbent upon us to define in accordance to Jewish law the status of other religions, to codify our relations to non-Jewish minorities in Israel and to enumerate our spiritual and material responsibilities toward the “other” in our midst. This issue is urgent, for much of the internal strife between the various segments of the Jewish people is ultimately caused by conflicting approaches toward various dimensions of this very issue.

Eleven fellows, leading educational and rabbinic figures from the entire spectrum of the Jewish religious community, have partnered in creating this new paradigm (click here for the 2022-23 list of Blickle fellows).

Blickle Fellows visit Rahat

Led by director Rabbi Dr. Nagen, these men and women meet monthly for round table meetings and lectures alongside the fellows of OTS’s Beit Midrash for Judaism and Humanity, with the joint aim of developing the halakhic and philosophic thinking on these essential issues into educational curricula.

In the first stage of the institute’s program, this curricula is being brought into the classrooms of the OTS network – yeshivot and midrashot, the women’s institute of halakhic leadership, rabbinical training seminary and emissary training programs.