“Ma’aminot BeMadim” – Institute for Spiritual, Halakhic and Practical Support for Religious Women in the IDF

Hadas 9OTS is delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative: “Ma’aminot BeMadim” – literally, “Believers in Uniform” – an institute designed to support the halakhic, spiritual and practical needs of religious women serving in the IDF.

The program is a further realization of the vision first pioneered by OTS 25 years ago which enabled religious women to enlist in the military without compromising their religious ideals. Through the Hadas Torah/IDF Program, women induct into the IDF as a group after a year of intensive Torah study in the Midreshet Lindenbaum beit midrash, and continue to enjoy the ongoing support of their rabbis and teachers during the course of their full stint of active duty.

Over the years, the Hadas Program’s staff, led by Rabbi Ohad Teharlev, accumulated tremendous knowledge, experience and connections and as a result find themselves answering halakhic questions and providing all kinds of practical and spiritual assistance for young religious women – including many who are not part of the program.

Maaminot BeMadim was established in response to this need, coupled with the significant increase in the number of religious women in the IDF.

In addition to providing answers, guidance and advice via the Maaminot BeMadim WhatsApp hotline, the institute also comprises a research program dedicated to the study of relevant issues pertaining to religious women’s IDF service and host ongoing conferences, workshops and seminars dedicated to the interface between women, Torah and the military.

WhatsApp hotline: https://wa.me/972547633761

Director:Rabbanit Hila Naor
Chairman:Rabbi Ohad Teharlev
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