‘Katz Oriya’ High School for Girls

Oriya art 2022 rotatedThe Katz Oriya High School  was established in Gush Etzion in 2009 with the goal of providing girls with the opportunity to develop their creativity and self-identity in a warm and nurturing Torah atmosphere.

The school strives to reach out to each and every girl by offering a variety of programming options on different levels, including a beit midrash program; a leadership training program; a Tanach enrichment program; the Ann Belsky Moranis Arts Program majors in theater, media, art, communications, graphic design and dance; and opportunities to major in myriad other subjects such as biology, economics and business administration or an interdisciplinary, research-oriented Judaic studies project. 

A rich extra-curricular program is also an integral part of the school’s educational philosophy as students volunteer weekly helping the aged, disabled, or disadvantaged. Like all OTS high schools, Oriya aims to develop Jewish young adults who are proud of their faith and their observance, who can express their beliefs in an articulate manner, who are responsible and active citizens of the State of Israel.

Principal:Yonat Lemberger
Tel:(02) 993-8973

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