Yehuda Shtauber


1_182The objective of the Susan Resnick Social Work Program is to impart to Ohr Torah Stone students the skills that will be necessary for them to promote true social change, solve problems in all types of relationships, and nurture the empowerment and liberation of people of all ages.  By operating as an integral part of the educational curriculum in Ohr Torah Stone institutions, including the OTS men’s rabbinical seminary, the Legal Aid Center and Hotline, the Darkaynu Programs, all of the OTS high schools, and the ongoing educational seminars for teachers and principals, the scope of the Resnick program is wide, creating an effect that ultimately touches hundreds of lives.

OTS students possess the necessary raw material: they are committed and motivated to the Jewish concept of tikkun olam – literally, making the world a better place. The Susan Resnick program provides them with the training and professional tools they will need in their current or future social care positions. Whether a high school student volunteering in a home for the elderly, a rabbi-in-training or a rabbinical court lawyer, OTS students and staff must be taught how to effectively forge relationships with people, how to act as an enabler, an advocate, a teacher, a counselor and an agent of change. They must learn the skills with which to engage and assist others, the practical methods of implementation and the techniques necessary for working closely with community, private and governmental organizations in finding practical solutions.

The Resnick program additionally prepares OTS high school students for their weekly volunteer work, providing them with both the training and the placement frameworks, teaching them to value and respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual and imparting to them the skills and techniques necessary for their work to be of true value. Ultimately, this exposure to the world of social work also empowers them with confidence and imbues in them a lasting sense of compassion.


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