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Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership

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The Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL) at Midreshet Lindenbaum is an unparalleled, full-time learning initiative providing qualified female scholars with the opportunity to master the material being covered by their male counterparts studying toward rabbinic ordination – and more.

In a world where women can reach the highest levels of scholarship, authority and expertise in all areas of life, there remains an educational and professional gap in the realm of Orthodox spiritual leadership.

The WIHL subscribes to a two-pronged approach toward this challenge, with one goal being the education of women at the same levels as men; and the second relating to the creation of new professional opportunities for our graduates in the field of spiritual leadership. In doing so, we are also setting the bar ever higher for women’s learning and leadership, while providing young women and girls with identifiable role models.

The program provides the most outstanding and committed female scholars with the opportunity to master an expansive curricula in Talmud and Halakha identical to that studied by men who are training for rabbinical ordination, including classic masechet learning, incorporating Talmud, the Rishonim, Medieval commentaries, Codes and Jewish Responsa literature, Gemara B’iyyun (an in-depth analysis of Talmud), and Halakha B’iyyun (a comprehensive examination of Jewish law).

Over an intensive period of five years the following subjects are covered:

  • Hilkhot Niddah (rituals involved in family purity);
  • Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays;
  • Kashrut;
  • Aveilut (the laws of mourning);
  • Gerut (the laws governing conversion);
  • Kiddushin and Gittin (Jewish marriage and divorce);

_DSC0469Program fellows sit for the same examinations given to male rabbis-in-training, and program graduates are equal in knowledge and skill to their male rabbinical counterparts.

Ultimately, our mission is to break the glass ceiling on an academic, professional and economic level by training and enabling women to serve as Orthodox spiritual leaders and arbiters of Jewish law for the entire Jewish people.


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