rav stav 1Rabbi David Stav Joins Leadership of Ohr Torah Stone

We are pleased to announce that Rabbi David Stav is joining the leadership of the Ohr Torah Stone network of institutions.  As Co-Chancellor of OTS, Rabbi Stav will serve alongside OTS Founder and Chancellor, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin.
Rabbi David Stav is Chief Rabbi of the City of Shoham and Chairman of the Tzohar organization, a  graduate of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav with qualification for Dayanut (serving as a Rabbinical Judge) from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. He is the author of Bein Ha-Zemanim, a book about culture and recreation in Jewish thought and law and Parsha B’Ktana, a collection of thoughts on the connection between the weekly Torah portion and modern living, based on his weekly column in the Israel Hayom newspaper.
One of Israel’s most visible rabbinic figures, Rabbi Stav appears regularly on Israeli television and radio and lectures to a wide range of audiences. Like Rabbi Riskin, he is an outspoken advocate for an accessible, compassionate and embracing Judaism which will repair the rifts in Israeli society and alleviate the alienation many Israelis feel in crucial areas  such as conversion, marriages and divorces; he has devoted his life to promoting an ethical, inclusive and inspiring approach to Zionist, Jewish life in Israel.
“Rabbi Stav’s values, worldview and goals match those of OTS: promoting outreach, acceptance and inclusion, making Judaism accessible, building bridges between contemporary challenges and the principles of halakha, and seeking the greatest common denominator amongst all segments of am yisrael,” says Rabbi Riskin. “On the basis of these ideals Rabbi Stav and I have cooperated widely and often in the past, and it was only natural from our point of view to ask him to join us in the navigation of our growing network.”
“Ohr Torah Stone has made a significant impact on the Jewish world over the past three decades, and we believe that the addition of Rabbi Stav to the steering of our network alongside Rabbi Riskin will enable us to impact even further through articulating our message and promoting it within our diverse Israeli society,” says Yinon Ahiman, Director General of OTS. “Rabbi Stav is a Talmid Chacham (Torah scholar) of great importance with outstanding leadership capabilities whose tremendous experience in the field has led him to a deep understanding of Israeli society, the Jewish people, the challenges posed by the modern world and the manner in which to relate to them. His involvement will greatly enrich each of our institutions.”
“From the beginning, I have dedicated my professional life to ensuring the accessibility of Judaism and the synthesis of Torah study and modern living,” says Rabbi Stav. “This is why I feel such a strong connection to the vision and values of Ohr Torah Stone. I am delighted to join the network alongside Rabbi Riskin, and trust that I will be able to assist in bringing OTS to the next level. My goal is to assist in formulating a singular message and to unify all of the institutions’ activities under that banner as we pave the network’s educational path into the future.”
We extend our best wishes to Rabbi Stav as he joins the OTS family and wish him great success.


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