Rabbi Miki Mark z”l

OTS mourns 48-year-old Rabbi Michael (Miki) Mark z”l, a graduate of Neveh Shmuel’s very first class who was murdered in a drive-by terrorist shooting on Route 60 on Friday (July 1st).  We extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Chavi, his wife, and to their 10 children. 

Miki was a modest and righteous person whose goodness and simplicity was honored by thousands who came to pay their last respects.  

May his memory be a source of blessing to the Land and people of Israel.

Below are translated excerpts of a letter Rabbi Yaakov Fisher, Rosh Yeshiva of Neveh Shmuel, sent to students: 

Miki, an alumnus of the first class which founded and build Neveh Shmuel 33 years ago, was a young and energetic man, full of life, a true “ben Torah,” caring, idealistic.. he left his mark of truth and goodness on everything he did.  During all the years that passed since Mickey walked our halls, he build a magnificent family and never once ceased learning and advancing in Torah study… His pioneering spirit led him south, where he was one of the first to establish the yeshiva there, which he later directed.

It’s now summer vacation, dear students, but I know that if we were together in the beit midrash I would not be able to find the right words to accurately and effectively describe this difficult time. We will continue to build the Land of Israel and strengthen ourselves in Torah out of a sense of commitment to Miki’s path. We will continue to live his legacy and attempt to emulate his goodness.

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