photo 3The fifth and final volume of Rabbi Riskin’s acclaimed “Torah Lights” Parsha commentary has now been released, just in time — we begin reading Devarim on Shabbat, 6 Av — 2 August.
Torah Lights is Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s highly acclaimed five-volume commentary on the Torah portion. Replete with personal stories from his rich rabbinical career and observations on political and social issues of our time, Torah Lights contemporizes the significance and relevance of the biblical narratives.
The final volume, Devarim: Moses Bequeaths Legacy, History and Covenant, examines the themes of the fifth book of the Torah, along with their theological and textual nuances. As in previous volumes, Riskin incorporates a treasure trove of insights garnered from his revered teachers, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Prof. Neḥama Leibowtiz and Rabbi Moshe Besdin, in concise and thought-provoking essays. This series is perfect for all those who seek to deepen their understanding of the biblical text, while getting doses of inspiration for contemporary life.
Torah Lights is published by Maggid Books, an imprint for books of contemporary Jewish thought from Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

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