Rachel is Weeping Over Her Sons

Students from the ETROG advanced Beit Midrash study program at  Neveh Channah High School for Girls in Gush Etzion created two beautiful mosaics in memory of the three murdered teens Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frankl. One sign, which says “Rachel is weeping over her sons” (Jeremiah 31:15), was placed at the site from where the boys were kidnapped, while the other, which says “Oz V’Gaon Nature Reserve in memory of Gil-Ad , Eyal and Naftali,” was placed at the Gush Etzion intersection, at the base of the reserve established in the boys’ memory.

The ETROG students were guided in their project by program director Sharon Brand, under the auspices of OTS’s Ann Belsky Moranis Arts Program, an interdisciplinary arts program urges OTS students to express themselves through the various arts: to grapple with questions,  comment on social issues and seek personal fulfillment.

Our conflicting feelings as deep believers in G-d during difficult or tragic times can be described as a mosaic, explained Neveh Channah’s principal, Rabbi Ronen Ben David, at the dedication:

“A believer has moments of climax and moments of crisis, but throughout all she or he conducts an ongoing dialogue with G-d, who is always there. This is the essence.

“The enormous concerns surrounding the fate of the three boys, the wrenching pain that gripped us all as we learned of their death, the deep sorrow we experienced coupled with a desire to express anger and revenge, all of these brought us as religious Jews to an intense discussion of faith and consideration of Divine Providence and the place of G-d in our lives. The mosaic of experiences that we have gone through – individually and together – through conversation, crying and praying, have only deepened the various layers and pieces of the mosaic.

“The mosaics that have been posted here remind us to always consider the complexity of an entire picture, acknowledging that it is make up of many fragments and contradictions,” he said.

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