Second Place to Oriya’s “Chick Flick”

seret banot 2nd placeThe movie “Seret Banot” (“Chick Flick”), produced by students in the Ann Belsky Moranis Film track at OTS Oriya High School, won second place in the final competition today, held at the Conference of State-Religious School Film Departments. 

The movie deals with a common issue affecting teen girls: modesty, and enables for an open view and insightful discussion on the subject, both from the perspective of the teenager and from the perspective of the teacher or parent.

OTS congratulates the film’s creators, Nachala Ben Shalom, Shaked Neshama and Shira Kamins, who brought the subject out into the open for honest conversation. “The movie deals with one of the most burning issues for us, that of modesty in dress,” they say. “It’s a movie with a light touch which follows a week in the life of a ulpana student, but really it’s about all of us.” barbie

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