Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s Annual Shabbat Hagadol Drasha

Click here to listen to last year’s Shabbat Hagadol Drasha by Rabbi Riskin (Topic: “Esther, Miriam and Ruth: Three Heroines, Three Festivals and Three Types of Redemption” )

Mark your calendars for this year’s Drasha:

Invitation to Shabbat Hagadol Drasha 2014
Shabbat Hagadol Drasha 5774
by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
in memory of Rose and Harry Riskin, z”l
Motzei Shabbat Hagadol — April 12th 2014
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue – 9:00 PM
Topic: “The Message of Pesach to Israel and the World: ‘Give me Liberty or Give me Death'”
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