OTS’s Yachad Program was proud to be one of the partners in “Shabbat Yisraelit”  – a nationwide initiative in which observant and nonobservant Israeli families joined together to share a Shabbat experience, in an effort to launch a joint search for a common language to address the Judaism that is our common heritage. The initiative fit naturally into the Yachad Program’s year-round goal of encouraging dialogue between various populations and connecting all Israeli Jews to their Jewish heritage and identity.
Meanwhile, OTS’s Straus-Amiel graduates who serve as rabbinical emissaries all over the world also took leadership roles in the simultaneously-run “Shabbat Project,” in which Diaspora communities as far flung as Nigeria and Australia organized events such as Friday night dinners, Challa-baking sessions and Havdala concerts.
Here’s a taste of some of the pre- and post-Shabbat events from around the world:


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