“Shofar in the Park” events to take place across Israel

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Rosh Hashanah: “Shofar in the Park” events to take place across Israel

Rabbi Kenneth Brander, President of Ohr Torah Stone Institutions: “Tishrei Holidays belong to everyone”

By Beth Levine | HaShikma 19.9.19

This year, Shofar in the Park will once again be run by the Yachad Jewish Identity  program of the Ohr Torah Stone network. The events will include public shofar blowing alongside experiential activities in the spirit of the festival.

The purpose of the Shofar in the Park events is to enable families and Israelis of all ages who do not attend synagogue on Rosh Hashana for whatever reason, to connect with the holiday values ​​in an Israeli-Jewish atmosphere. In addition to the traditional shofar blowing, each location will include activities for the whole family, including holiday songs, an experience, and more that will allow participants to be exposed to New Year’s content and symbols as part of a fun and festive family experience in the holiday spirit.

The events, in conjunction with the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization and the Israeli Corporation of Community Centers, will take place in hundreds of locations throughout the country, from Eilat to the moshavim on the Gaza border, form Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, from Acco to Yokneam, from the border of Lebanon to the Golan Heights.

Rabbi Kenneth Brander, President and Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone Institutions emphasizes that “Just as Judaism belongs to us all, so too must the holidays of Tishrei belong to everyone. It’s important that each and every Jew feel connected to the history, heritage and symbols of the Jewish people, each one according to his way, out of an understanding that the differences between us do not change the fact that we are all one nation.”

Chairman of the Tzohar Organization, Rabbi David Stav: “We are working to connect the whole of society to the values of Jewish festivals ​​and life cycles, and to strengthen that connection to fuel Jewish identity. The Shofar in the Park events are part of this; it’s designed to enable people who want to feel the connection to the essence and values ​​of the holiday to do so. “

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