Straus-Amiel Graduate Appointed Chief Rabbi of Bern Canton

Congratulations to Rabbi Michael Kohn, a graduate of the Straus-Amiel Program, upon his appointment as the Chief Rabbi of Berne Canton, Switzerland 

In an emotional ceremony, OTS alumnus Rabbi Michael Kohn was inaugurated as the Chief Rabbi of the Swiss Jewish communities of Berne and Biel.

berne-hachtara-michael-kohn-may-2019-credit-alessandro-dellavalleKohn, a graduate shaliach of the Straus-Amiel Practical Rabbinics program, arrived in Berne Canton in last year to serve as the communities’ assistant rabbi. He and his wife Dorit captured the hearts of the local Jewish community and a few months ago he was elected unanimously as the “Gemeinderabbiner,” or community rabbi, of both communities.

Speakers at the inauguration included the mayor of Berne, various leaders of the Jewish community, and Rabbi Eliahu Birnbaum, director of the Straus-Amiel program, who expounded upon the role of a community rabbi and the future of the Jewish people.

berne-hachtara-michael-kohn-may-2019-credit-alessandro-dellavalleFollowing the ceremony, Rabbi Birnbaum officially installed Cohen, covering him with his tallit and blessing him with Birkat Habanim while the community sang with great excitement.

Ohr Torah Stone wishes the Kohns much success and fulfillment as they sets out on this important and exciting endeavor.

Photo credits: Alessandro della ValleKeystone-SDA
Read an article on the Arutz 7 website (in Hebrew) about Rabbi Kohn’s appointment

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