Prenuptial Agreement

Getting married?  Mazal tov! The time has come to give an additional form of expression to your love for one another, and lay down the foundations for a relationship based on equity and mutual respect, even in times of crisis.

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Recalcitrant Grandfather Fined for Blocking Get

24/08/18 [Translated from Hebrew] Recalcitrant grandfather fined for blocking daughter-in-law’s divorce Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court justices rejected the petition of a man who is encouraging his son to refuse his wife a divorce to cancel the penalties that were imposed

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Dedicated to Justice

Congratulations to G of Germany, who flew in to Israel last Thursday and received her long-awaited get — thanks to the exceptional efforts of her advocate, Tamar Oderberg of Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline. G, now

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“Bnot Chorin” – Free Women

Free Women By Liat Choukroun Shabbaton Magazine – 30/4/2018 During the holiday of Passover, a time in which we celebrate our national freedom, it is important that we remember that many women’s freedom – a right so basic and so

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Festival of True Freedom

There are really no words to describe the palpable excitement in the air yesterday at the Tel Aviv rabbinical court, as an incredible, unusual ruling was handed down just in time for Pesach, the Festival of Freedom, releasing N from

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Never too late…

Congratulations to Yona, who proved today that it’s never too late to demand freedom. Twenty-seven years have passed since Yona’s husband abandoned her and their children.  At the time, Yona attended just one court session before deciding that she wanted

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Relief, Happiness, Freedom.

“I always said that I would be released when Gilad Shalit was… but Gilad Shalit was freed long ago and I continued to long for the day I would be unchained from my husband and the prison of my marriage…”

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