Staying Connected

Staying Connected Ohr Torah Stone’s high school and post-high school programs adapt to the new reality by moving their curricula online; in doing so, expanding their reach to new populations In the ever-changing coronavirus environment, Ohr Torah Stone’s high school and post-high school faculties have been working around the clock to monitor and meet their …

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Ocean City a Religious Destination – WJW

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 BY JARED FORETEK For Rabbi Shalom and Revital Hadad, the beauty of Ocean City is matched only by the tenuousness of Jewish life. In the seaside town, kosher isn’t exactly commonplace. But the couple has set out to fill in the gaps since landing there three years ago to lead the small flock at …

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Serving the Diaspora – Jewish Independent

Friday 02nd, February 2018 Two years ago, Rabbi Gideon Osher Shmueli donated a kidney to a stranger, saving that individual’s life. These days, he works at Magen David Yeshivah in Brooklyn, N.Y., teaching Hebrew and bringing with that teaching the culture and values of Judaism and eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel. To him, teaching about …

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OTS Graduates “Blown Away” by Sukkot Generosity

Rabbi Eli and Rivka Magzimof, Chaplaincy Couple at Leeds University, were “blown away” by generosity of current and former Leeds students who helped them rebuild their sukkah after it was destroyed by fierce winds. Rebuilding the sukkah enabled Eli and Rivka, respective graduates of OTS’s Straus-Amiel Institute and Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute, to host hundreds …

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What does Jerusalem mean to you?

What does Jerusalem mean to you? In honor of the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification, Rabbi Benjy Myers, Educational Director of OTS’s Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel emissary preparation programs asked the rabbis and educators serving communities all over the world to pose the question to their congregants and students. This video is a compilation of some of the …

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Keeping Kosher in Champaign-Urbana

Eateries in Champaign-Urbana are beginning to receive Kosher certification, thanks to an initiative led by Illini Hillel and the OU’s JLIC.  The initiative was spurred by JLIC “couple on campus,” Kollel Torat Yosef musmach Rabbi Shlomo Schacter and Rebbetzin Ahava Schacter-Zarembski, graduates of OTS’s Beren-Amiel and Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute. “Eating is one of …

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Warsaw’s Jews Bury Sifrei Torah

Photo credit: Pawel Brylsky

Warsaw’s Jewish community buried fragments of pre-war Torah scrolls inside two enormous clay jars at the city’s Jewish cemetery on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw ghetto uprising.  Kol Hakavod to OTS Straus-Amiel graduate, Warsaw’s Chief Rabbi Moshe Bloom, for organizing the burial in cooperation with Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich …

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Palermo’s First Synagogue in 500 Years

Courtesy of Shavei Israel

For over 500 years there was no Shul in Palermo, Sicily. This week, part of a Catholic Church will become a synagogue. Kol Hakavod to OTS Straus-Amiel graduate, Rabbi Pinhas Punturello, on this incredible achievement.   Palermo, Sicily, to get first synagogue in 500 years In a gesture marking anniversary of expulsion, Catholic Church will finance …

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Appeal for Peace

    In Bratslav, Ukraine, Straus-Amiel emissary Rabbi David Basok joined other faith leaders, including the Dalai Lama, in a united APPEAL FOR PEACE.   “We have gathered here in this unique place, in this truly amazing region where people of many nations and cultures have successfully co-existed despite their different beliefs and religions. To …

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A Purim to Remember

“Rabbi Joe Wolfson went to sleep Purim night on a high after one of his greatest religious and communal Jewish experiences ever. As the OU-JLIC Torah Educator at New York University, Rabbi Wolfson and his wife, Corinne Shmuel, serve as role models and community organizers on campus in partnership with Hillel. In the weeks leading …

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Straus Seminary Musmach Elected Chief Rabbi of Frankfurt

Photo: Eli Itkin

Rabbi Avichai Apel has been elected Chief Rabbi of Frankfurt With the blessing of the leading rabbis, the Israeli rabbinate and the heads of the Conference of European Rabbis, Rabbi Avichai Apel has been elected to serve as rabbi of Frankfurt, Germany.  “I will continue to do everything in my power to spread and glorify the …

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Giving Thanks

“אוֹדֶה ה’ בְּכָל-לֵבָב” — “I give thanks to God with all my heart” This was the heart-felt proclamation made by Rabbi Boaz Pash in a moving display of gratitude to the Almighty yesterday. Rav Boaz, a former Straus-Amiel emissary and current Rosh Kollel of Ohr Torah Stone’s Kollel Torat Yosef was miraculously saved earlier this week from …

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